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Teens Clean Up the Street

As Published  by Lynchburg WSET News 13, August 13th, 2009

08/13/09 5:31 pm

reporter: Josh Farmer

producer: Amy Foster


Lynchburg, VA - Some of Lynchburg's tougher neighborhoods are looking a bit nicer, thanks to some kids who were given a second chance to help their community.

About a dozen local teens participated in Thursday’s "Tee
n Cle
an" program.

It's part of the Lynchburg Youth Community Court, organized by the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office.

The idea is to push teens toward service rather than a short-term lock up for non-violent crimes.\picture_library\WSETteenclean.jpg


Donna Nash with the Lynchburg Community Court said, "We want the neighbors to see us out here. We want them to see that kids can get in trouble. We all were kids at one time, but the kids can give back to the neighborhood and they're accountable for their actions."

Community Court gives judges more options when it comes time to sentence teens for non-violent crimes. The goal is to make them more accountable by bonding them to the community.