Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Program

Lynchburg Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Program 

is focused on providing personalized assistance throughout the civil process on protective orders. Because of this work, the advocates help to build trust and victims feel less isolated, fearful, and resistant to the process. Advocates meet face-to-face with victims and discuss safety concerns, help complete the paperwork that must be submitted to the Court, and make referrals for services and community resources. Individuals who work with the advocates are able to make informed decisions on what is necessary to keep them with safe, are fully aware of community resources, and are prepared for the civil court process.

The Domestic Violence Court Advocates offices are located at the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, 909 Court Street, Rooms 11 and 12, in Lynchburg. Two advocates serve this program. Debbie Drake, the full-time advocate, works 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each week day. Pam Cooke, the part-time advocate, is available on Monday and Thursday of each week. The numbers to schedule an appointment to meet with one of the advocates are (434) 485-8311 or (443) 485-8312. Walk-ins are welcome during work week. If a victim of domestic violence needs assistance after hours, victims are encouraged to call the YWCA Domestic Violence Prevention Center at (434) 528-1041 or the toll free line at 1-(800) 528-1041.