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Alberto Pagan pleads guilty to downtown robbery.

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Lynchburg, Virginia

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On June 8, 2005, 39-year old Alberto Pagan pled guilty to three felony charges relating to the January 4, 2005 robbery of an insurance company on 11th Street in downtown Lynchburg. The defendant pled guilty to Robbery, Use of a Firearm in the Commission of Robbery, and Forgery of a Public Document. The defendant had been set to be tried by a jury.

The facts of the case revealed that at approximately 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 4, 2005, the defendant walked into a small insurance company on 11th Street, located between Church and Main Streets. The defendant immediately demanded to know where he could find the owner.

When the owner walked into the front room, the defendant pulled out a gun and demanded money. The owner was then struck in the face with the gun and eventually ordered to lie on the floor in a back storage room. The defendant threatened to kill the owner unless he turned over all the money in the business. The defendant stole more than $800 in cash and several checks.

The defendant fled the business and was spotted by Lynchburg Police, one block away, at the intersection of 12th and Church Streets. Officers drew their weapons on the defendant and ordered the defendant to stop. The defendant ignored the officers instructions and continued walking up 12th Street. Two Lynchburg Police Officers were forced to tackle the defendant to the ground in order to take him into custody.

Police recovered the stolen cash and checks on the defendant. Also recovered was a pellet gun that the defendant had used during the robbery. The defendant was uncooperative with police, identifying himself using a false name.

Circuit Court Judge J. Leyburn Mosby will sentence the defendant on September 23, 2005. The defendant will remain incarcerated at the Blue Ridge Regional Jail with no bond pending his sentencing. The defendant faces a maximum punishment of life imprisonment plus thirteen years for his crimes. Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Chuck Felmlee prosecuted the case.