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Angelo Cornell Williams Convicted of

Domestic Violence, Robbery, Abduction & Perjury

December 18, 2006

For Immediate Release

Lynchburg, Virginia


On December 18, 2006, a Lynchburg jury found Angelo Cornell Williams, 21, guilty of assault & battery of  family member – third or subsequent offense, robbery, abduction, and attempted subornation of perjury.  The jury recommended a total sentence of 19 years.

On September 28, 2005, the defendant stormed into his wife’s apartment to find a neighbor helping her set up a DVD player.  The defendant punched the neighbor in the eye, causing an orbital fracture, and continued to beat him.  Over the course of several hours, Williams slapped and punched his wife for trying to help the injured neighbor.

Williams threatened the neighbor’s life multiple times while wielding, alternately, two kitchen knives, and a two-foot metal bar.  At one point, the defendant whipped the neighbor with a belt, leaving a scar that was shown to the jury.

At the peak of his rage, the defendant forced the neighbor to lick blood off of a wall and tried to force the neighbor to drink a cup of the defendant’s urine.

The Lynchburg Police Department responded with tactical units, surrounding the apartment.  The defendant’s wife and the neighbor were allowed to leave the apartment, and the defendant was found hiding in a water heater closet when the police made entry.

After the incident, the defendant’s wife turned two letters over to the police that she had received from Williams.  The letters instructed her to lie to attorneys and police, and began with the statement, “Baby, testify to this statement.”

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorneys Jennifer Bennett and Rebecca Wetzel characterized the defendant’s behavior as brutal and unprovoked.

During the case-in-chief, the Commonwealth entered four prior convictions for assault & battery of a family member into the record – all listing his wife as the victim.  After the jury found the defendant guilty, the Commonwealth read 18 prior criminal convictions into the court’s record – including possession of marijuana, assault & battery, violation of a protective order, disorderly conduct, larceny, and trespassing.

Final sentencing of Williams is scheduled for February 9, 2007.  At that time, Judge Mosby G. Perrow will decide whether to sustain the jury’s sentence of 19 years, or to reduce the sentence.   The defendant is currently being held without bond in the Lynchburg Adult Detention Center.